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By helping business owners like you clarify the paperwork and rules associated with taxation, professional tax services from Mark Born’s Rockwall financial firm ensure that you have more time for other vital tasks. Mark understands that different businesses needs vary greatly; many have unique obligations based on their asset profiles and the way they operate. Failure to meet your tax dues may have severely negative impacts on your profit margins. Because proper tax planning and filing is important to a business’ success, we apply our expertise to help unique organizations meet the demands of the IRS and plan for their futures.

Taxes shouldn't be a mystery or a source of constant stress. Learn more about your tax planning, preparation and resolution options by contacting our Rockwall team of tax experts today.

Tax Preparation
Income tax returns can be extremely complicated, even for those who have few deductions. The taxes you paid last year may not be the same this time around, and many individuals have difficulty keeping up with new obligations as they arise. While the errors you commit during the filing process are often innocent, they may leave you open to penalties and interest payments in the long run. Since 1989, we've helped client in Rockwall get their taxes prepared properly. We maintain accurate knowledge of changing laws in order to create correct returns. Our efforts teach businesses to maximize their deductions in preparation for future tax increases.
Tax Planning
Intelligent Tax Planning - Businesses that learn from their past returns and disputes may find it easier to deal with tax preparation in the future. In a world of ever-increasing regulations and tariffs, developing the appropriate tax plan is essential to sustained business expansion and portfolio growth. By employing proactive strategies, like deferring income, planning estates and investing more intelligently, Rockwall entrepreneurs and private citizens may be able to meet their tax responsibilities without feeling as much of a burden.
Tax Problems
Resolving Tax Problems - Improperly filed taxes aren't temporary issues; their ramifications may continue piling up for years. Businesses that have unresolved discrepancies face increased scrutiny from the IRS, and their public reputations may take turns for the worse. Collective fines can even eat away at vital operating assets until a firm has to shut its doors. Our Rockwall tax resolution office focuses on discreet, low-cost problem-solving. Communication is critical to clarifying outstanding obligations, and having legal representation may help the IRS see your side of things. While we can't go back and change what has already occurred, we strive to mitigate the effects of your existing issues so that you can avoid collection and serious financial losses.

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