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Mark I. Born has discovered that many manufacturers are overpaying their sales and use taxes, and a large part of his business is rectifying this situation. To determine if this is the case for you and your manufacturing company, whether you're located in Rockwall or elsewhere, Mark and his experienced sales and use tax partner will visit you at your business so that they can obtain the detailed information they need to ensure that they have the best chances of finding any money you are owed.

As they examine your invoices, Mark and his partner will determine paid and unpaid taxes. It's very possible that you have overpaid your taxes -- it is common for tax professionals to take only a sample of your invoices in order to determine how much tax you owe the state when preparing your return. When the majority of your invoices are left un-reviewed, the vital details you need to keep money in your pocket go missing.

How Is Mark Born Different from the Competition?

Because Mark and his partner will never review just a small sample of your invoices, they are likely to find every dollar that you may have overpaid. If Mark and his associate find money for you, they will perform all necessary follow-up with the state to fight on your behalf for the money you are owed.

After Mark and his colleague present their findings to the state, the money you are owed will be returned to you. If Mark and his Rockwall team of sales and use tax review experts find you haven’t overpaid, you will not be billed. Our approach to sales and use tax review means that you enlist our professional services without any risk.

Our Tax Review Services at Work for You

Mark and his sales and use tax assistant have extensive experience in the tax field and are ready to help you find the money you’re missing. Mark's expertise goes beyond reviewing invoices; he and his colleague also seek to educate their clients in tax matters and to give them the advice they need for future business success. Mark and his team are eager to pursue this matter so that you receive the money due to you from potential overpayment of sales and use tax.

If you believe that you could benefit from Mark's sales and use tax review service in Rockwall or elsewhere, contact his office today for more information. 

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