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At Mark I. Born, CPA, PC, our team of tax professionals aim to provide clients with exceptional tax services any day of the year.  Whether it’s for small businesses or individuals, we ensure the creation of a customized plan to meet all your financial goals. 

Our Standards for Accounting Services

Our firm aims to provide a comprehensive approach to any of our clients tax needs. Since 1989, Mark I. Born has provided the highest quality of services, which include tax preparation, strategic business planning, and tax return preparation. We are meticulous and organized to better help our clients meet the tax and accounting needs on a year-round basis. Our financial and accounting management expertise allows us to perform specific services and task to suit your business’ needs or those of our household and family. 

Customer Experience

Tax, and the rules associated around them, are complex. Mark I. Born and his Rockwall accounting firm take away the stress that comes with tax preparation to suit out clients financial and accounting concerns. We believe that open communication and dialogue during every consultation allows our clients to not only get the best services possible, but to also better understand the processes by which we provide those services. This personal approach leaves little doubt about our ethical approach to financial services and how we keep our clients compliant with state and federal tax code, financial management guidelines, and smart business development processes. 

Accessible Security 

In order to protect your financial information, and as an essential accounting and booking measure, we have trained accountants in cloud based accounting solutions software system utilizing QuickBooks. On top of our customized tax services, we provide our clients knowledge and access to books and records wherever they are. We can come to your location, answer all of your questions, and aid you in the daily use of this easy, accessible, and safe software system. 

Contact Mark I. Born CPA, and his Tax Team 

Allow our CPA firm to take on the task of resolving tax issues for you. Our certified accountants with long standing expertise are here to serve you. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today! 

Our Promise
Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to our underlying principles.

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